Principal's Corner

Clarksburg Families,

We are still waiting for the Governor to decide if the state will release the $500,000 that was appropriated in the budget for a new roof for our school. Often times, these things get budgeted, and not released. We have been encouraged by Senator Hinds to write letters to the Governor's office to appeal for the release of these funds.

If you would like to write a letter, the address is:

Honorable Governor Charles Baker

Honorable Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

State House Room 280

24 Beacon Street

Boston, MA 02113

If you would like key points to help with writing a letter, please see the PTG FB link (there is a link on our school website)


  • Thanks to Christa Marsh for organizing another year of ski club for students in grades 3-8.


  • Jr. High Dance tonight: The 6th grade girls advisory is sponsoring a dance tonight in the gym from 7-10. This is for students in grades 6,7,8. A $4 donation is suggested for the Berkshire Humane Society.
  • Visitor Tags and Procedures - we need to have every visitor coming into our building signing in and wearing a visitor's tag if you go beyond the office. When dropping things off, please leave them in the office and we will get them to your child. If you have a scheduled visit, please wait for us to call to the classroom to let the teacher know you are on the way. All of these protocols are coming directly from State Police Trooper Canata who guides our schools on how to keep our schools safe. While these things are sometimes difficult in small schools where we like open door policies and we know most everyone, we need to enforce the protocols for all, not just some of our visitors. Thank you for understanding.
  • ADA Commission VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! The town is looking for 4 volunteers to be a part of a 5-member ADA Commission that would meet once monthly. The Commission would be responsible for several items: completing a self-evaluation of the needs of the Town, participating in a Public Hearing, and listening to the concerns/ideas of the Residents of Clarksburg to also identify deficiencies. After the Town does this work, we may be eligible for grant money to update our school and other town buildings to comply with ADA regulations - which currently our school is NOT. If you are a Clarksburg resident, please consider volunteering for this commission.
  • Potential Clarksburg/Stamford Merger Informational Meeting: A company has been hired to study the feasibility of merging these two town's school systems. The group doing the study is hosting a town informational meeting to give information about how they will proceed and will answer questions from the town. Tues Jan 22 @ 6:30 in the Clarksburg gym.
  • Ski Club makeup date is 2/22


Wed 1/16: Ski Club

Tues 1/22: Town Informational Meeting about Stamford/Clarksburg potential merger

1/22: 8th grade McCann Exploration

Save the date: PTG pancake breakfast is 2/3