Clarksburg School Building Updates

Building Renovation Updates-

Recently completed projects:

Driveway potholes were filled and drainage swale has been asphalted.

Escape trails have been cleared and repaired including stairway to town field.

Outside Basketball hoop has been replaced.

In Progress projects:

Posting bid for new boilers.

Plumbing repairs to sinks and toilets.

Purchasing and installing new water heater.

Update lighting in the boiler room.

Securing $500,000 from the State for new roof.

Wish List:

Nurse’s office needs renovating with a sink and cabinets.

New PA system.

Improve security for front entrance.

ADA approved toilet and lift to cafeteria.

Current Renovation Funds:

$5000 donation from the VFW for water heater and plumbing.

$3000 donation from anonymous family for plumbing materials.

$ 200 individual donations.

$ 20 from ballroom dance lessons.

Total recent donations equal $8,220.00.